About Us

Gordon Tripp Construction was established in 1977 by my father Gordon. I started helping him at work when I was about 4 years of age. I started learning the skills of the trade early on. Residential (some light commercial) concrete foundations were a large part of the projects he and then we completed among others such as structural carpentry and some finish carpentry for the first 25 years. About 10 or so years ago we expanded to include renovation, repair, and we keep expanding through the multiple facets of residential construction with a focus on custom and specialized applications. At our core we still are very much a concrete/post & pier foundation repair/modification/replacement company including lifting houses to perform foundation replacements. We can handle any structural issue you may have with your house including dry rot/insect damage to any components. We bring a level of quality, attention to detail, conscientiousness, and honesty that can't easily be matched to every project, no matter what it is. We strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our primary goal is our customers' satisfaction. That is why we ask for you to "Give Us The Test To Be The Best".

Elisha Tripp
Project Manager